Ask the agent: How do I balance needs vs wants?

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The secret to making sure you are buying the house that is best for you is knowing what your basic needs are before you proceed. Health and safety items should be a priority. Beyond those, needing a solid foundation, HVAC in good operating condition, having floors and walls without defects and being in a good location, anything else on your list would be want-to-haves rather than need-to-haves.

If you find a home that has the basic value-creating elements, then your want list can come to fruition during your ownership. If you think long-term and you can see the potential of the home, then the home can be enhanced with your personal wants over time. Once you decide what you can live with and without, you can budget accordingly. You can later change paint, countertops and fixtures or do remodeling.

If you make a list and think about the existing features of a home, your needs versus wants will fall into place, making it easier to narrow down what homes would interest you and are also within your budget. 

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