Tips for Getting That Real Estate Deal Done Right

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Obtaining the services of a professional real estate agent is the first step in selling your home. In today’s tough economic times, though, every little bit helps. Following are five ways to reduce the risk of last-minute mishaps:

1. Make It Easy to Move: Small things can add up, especially when making a major move. Differentiate your property by offering to pay for secure storage, rental trucks or even a hotel room. Nearly everyone dreads having to move, so making it as easy as possible is a sure way to please even the most difficult buyer.

2. Pay for a Mini-Makeover: If the property is in need of a few repairs or upgrades, seal the deal by including funds, labor or supplies for a mini-makeover. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. For example, include a few gift cards and a couple of days of labor, help paint a room or put in new landscaping.

3. Offer Monetary Motivation: Provide an additional incentive to both the buyer and agent by offering a cash bonus for closing by a given date. You might be surprised how well this works, especially when trying to sell a home during a difficult time.

4. Entice Them With Incentives: Help prospective buyers control costs by including innovative incentives like a home warranty package or energy-efficient upgrades. A home warranty is a great way to provide additional protection against unanticipated expenses, especially when working with first-time homebuyers or others on a limited budget. Other attractive options include energy-efficient upgrades like new LED lighting, on-demand water heaters or new appliances.

5. Rent or Lease Options: Sometimes the property is perfect, but the timing isn’t. Instead of letting the entire deal turn sour, sweeten things up with the use of a well-executed lease. Allow the buyers to move in early if they need the home sooner than anticipated, or lease the property back from them if they need to delay a few months after closing.





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