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Who Pays What In A Real Estate Transaction?


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real estate transaction

Sellers Cost

SELLERS: Can generally be expected to take care of the following expenses.

Owner’s” title insurance policy premium

Escrow fee

Real estate commission

Document preparation fee for deed

Documentary transfer tax (typically $1.10 per $1,000.00 of sales price) City transfer or conveyance tax (defined by contract)

Any loan fees required by buyer’s lender (FHA,VA)

Payoff all loans in seller’s name (or existing loan balance if being assumed by buyer)

Interest accrued to lender being paid off, statement fees, reconveyance fees and prepayment penalties

Termite work (defined by contract, depending on the loan program the lender may require the seller to pay the termite work.) .

Home warranty (defined by contract)

Any judgments, tax liens, etc., against the seller Tax proration (for any taxes unpaid at time of transfer of title)

Any unpaid homeowner’s dues

Recording charges to clear all documents of record against seller

Any bonds or assessments (defined by contract) Any and all delinquent taxes Notary fees

Homeowner’s transfer fee Messenger fees (if applicable)

Buyers Cost

BUYERS: Can generally be expected to take care of the following expenses.

“Lender’s” title insurance policy premium

Escrow fee Document preparation (if applicable)

Notary fees Recording charges for all documents in buyer’s name

Termite inspection (defined by contract)

Tax proration (from date of acquisition)

All new loan charges (except those required by lender for seller to pay)

Interest on new loan from date of funding to 30 days prior to first payment date

Assumption or change of records fee for takeover of existing loan

Beneficiary statement fee for assumption of existing loan Inspection fees (roofing, property inspection, geological, etc.)

Home warranty (defined by contract)

City transfer or conveyance tax (defined by contract)

Fire insurance premium for the first year

Messenger fees (if applicable)

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