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Property Management Services

Your property is one of your biggest investments. A competent property manager can add significant value and give you
peace of mind. We at Bonaventure Realtors are armed with the knowledge of the latest landlord-tenant laws and procedures
to assure you property is in good hands. We provide property owners with quality services, keep your tenants accountable,
and monitor the condition of your property.

Collect Rent: We collect the rent as per the terms specified in the Lease Agreement. Rent money is deposited
into a trust account from which payments, such as management fee or maintenance costs, will be made. A
monthly statement will be emailed to the owner showing the rent collected and rent disbursements if any
account (whichever method is preferred by the owner) within 5 business days of rent collection.

􀂡􀀃 Maintenance: We have a preferred list of vendors to provide the specific job request in a professional manner
at competitive rates. Bonaventure Realtors does not charge a mark-up fee. If you have a preferred vendor(s),
we will contact them on your behalf and hire their services as per your request, again at no extra cost to you.

􀂡􀀃 Inspections: We will inspect the exterior of the property monthly and photos will be emailed to you along with
the Lease Agreement, we will address the issue with the tenants on your behalf. Once the violation has been
prior inspections within a year, and will follow the same steps described above. If there are any issues or recommendations,
we will include them in our report.

􀂡􀀃 Accounting: We will provide you with a monthly statement detailing all income and expenses along with copies
of invoices and bills we paid on your behalf. A year-end statement will also be provided with all annual figures
for you to provide to your accountant/CPA for tax purposes.

􀂡􀀃 End-of-Lease Agreement/Tenant Retention: We will make arrangements to either renew the Lease Agreement,
enter into a month-to-month agreement, or serve notices to vacate the premises. The type of arrangement will be discussed with you 2 months prior to the expiration of the lease in order to plan the arrangements properly. Whatever your desire may be, we will prepare the documentation and follow necessary steps to make the transition as smooth as possible for you!



We understand the importance of providing a superior service at low-cost. Our goal is to give you peace of mind
while you entrust your property to us without charging you an arm and a leg for it. Most companies charge different
fees depending on the services you choose, and in most instances a percentage of the monthly rent; however,
we have created a convenient one flat fee to cover all the services you need from a property management company.
Our fees are as follows:

􀂟􀀃 10% of Monthly Rent This flat fee will give you the best value for these services:

  • 􀑏 Collection of rent monies
    􀑏 Monthly Fin. Statements
    􀑏 Photos of property inspections
    􀑏 Monthly exterior inspections
    􀑏 Up to 2 interior inspections in a year
    􀑏 Detail report of inspections
    􀑏 Manage and coordinate maintenance repairs
    􀑏 Post violation notices and follow through for corrections
    􀑏 Review and raise rents
    􀑏 File 3-day notices
    􀑏 File covenant breach
    􀑏 Move-in, move out inspections
    􀑏 Handle move-out repairs and cleaning
    􀑏 Handle Evictions on your behalf

  • There is a $350 deposit due at signing


Catherine Mathes, Property Manager Catherine Mathes, Property Manager

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